About me 1996. February 25. – Hajdúnánás
Everything has begun here.
I spent my firs two years in Polgár and after that the next 18 year were spent in Tiszaújváros, Borsod county. 2010. December 12.
I wrote my first lyrics then around this time I imagined I have to make records, have to make something. I started my carrier as MC VMX.
I have never been good about dates so here upon I try to go ahead in chronological order. From 2010 my studio records were made in the RotorSound Studio in Tiszaújváros. Fortunately, after I could be in some broadcasts in the Radio of Tiszaújváros. Until today I sometimes go back to these places to make music and interviews. From october of 2012 I had started the studio works in Cultus Digital, Budapest, I record my songs here nowadays too. In december of 2012 I filmed my first music video about my song „Melléklet” with the starter film maker company HD Pictures Studio. This company also makes my all music video in the present.
I made a big way till 2015, I had been on television several times , for example the famous music chanel in here, Hungary. It is called MUSIC CHANEL. Moreover I could work with popular artists like Anonim MC, Horus, Mr. Missh. I made connection with a lot of new people and I enriched with new experiences. My songs debuted on Spotify, iTunes and more. I got Facebook authentication among the first, etc. In 2015 we started the work on my first album, called „Halkabban”. This album have already released in 2016. August 13.. In this same day my webshop has opened its door and my fifth MUSIC CHANEL interview has been published. In 2016 February I have moved to Budapest and I live here and this is the city where I make my dream come true. We will see what I will write into my BIO after a few years later.
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